Before/ After: Main Level Updates

March 19, 2018



Last weekend we had the pleasure of hosting the previous owners of our farmhouse for a Spring tour through the house and farm.  So I celebrated this opportunity by running around the house, wielding the vacuum like a club, yelling at my husband to take the trash out and offering sacrifices to the powers of fragrance that whatever the weird smell was from last weekend does not come back until after they leave . Once I returned to a "normal" state and Ben was exiled-- I mean, had work to do-- out in his shop, I naturally took pictures of every room, fully prepared to tell the internet that this is what the house looks like and how we always live.  Obviously.


So, enjoy... you stalkers.




Unfortunately, I was not super anticipating what kind of views we'd want in the before pics so... basically enjoy whatever general before picture vaguely lines up with the after!



Also, when we say "after" we mean, Now. And when I say 'we', I mean me.

This is really a "Then and Now" post because it is far from finished. :)


Although I do like this corner:




This corner made it's debut last post but I still really enjoy it.  It's currently hosting some springtime flowering branches which basically means my living room matches mother nature: undecided between spring and snowstorms.  It seems fitting and I'm surprisingly loving the pop of color from the branches!  The winter trees canvas will soon be replaced by 'summer art'... that's right, we- ur, I-  redecorate biannually, starting now! Making my  mother proud :)


Also, don't you love photo cropping?!

Notice how the left picture is conveniently cropped just short of the big, black hole on the chimney air vent. HA!







Moving on...



 This is the 'South Room' that you've heard me gush about it's light and how it should be a conservatory.  Not to fear, I have not abandoned that dream.  In the mean time, however, I adapted my bookshelves that you saw last post to sit on top of some file cabinets and I. AM. IN. LOVE.  Oh wait, but that unhung chandelier on the table?  I may love that more.  A vintage, art deco chandelier... Did you just hear my heart swoon? Because it did. 





And bonus: I found the chandelier super cheap (read: not garage sale cheap but vintage chandelier cheap) on an auction site. Auction sites are the best and if you haven't checked out go there immediately and find yourself some deals! But only on items I'm not bidding on... 















Next up, dining room!



The dining room had been cleared of the majority of moving boxes about... oh... 20 minutes prior to this photoshoot!  Hence, this is it's first appearance! Welcome to the blog, dining room!  No pictures are hung, no paint, still some remaining boxes in the corner and bare drywall but voila!  I feel like a weight lifted now that the table isn't full of random 'i don't konw where to put this bc I haven't used it in a year so I guess it's garage sale' pile of stuff. Phew!  And the rug, don't you love it?  Me too!  


I really wish I could say that I planned for the rugs to highlight the stained glass.. or the glass to highlight the rugs... but honestly I got lucky.  Blessed.  



The kitchen pics are slightly dated so feel free to peruse the top right for future garage sale items (minus the picnic basket, that puppy has found a new home in the farmhouse, Thanks again, Stacy!!!!) :)



No updated pics of anything else... because nothing else got cleaned! (I couldn't even think of tackling the upstairs!- Still in move-in messiness and finding it's own design...)


Thought you'd like to see the updates before more things change!

(As some already have in the past 7 days...) :)


Stay tuned! (in 2-6 weeks... HA!)



Sarah (and our baby lambs!!!)








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