Hello. Please forgive me. Updated pics as peace offering?

January 7, 2018

Well, hello again, dear blog!





I’ve been absent for far too long and while I think of you a lot, let's be honest:

if you were a plant you’d have died from my neglect.  

Even a cactus would be long gone…


If any of you are still checking in on this blog from time to time, I’m happy to stop failing you and finally start catching you up on the past few months.  Mostly with me providing a lot of photos in exchange for your forgiveness and undying loyalty to my blog.


(May I also say that it takes alot of cleaning to take blog pics...?!

So, consider that in this apology too, eh?!)




Most downstairs house projects are done and livable.  That does not mean done and beautiful (but I really do find alot of beauty in even the unfinished areas).  Let's be real, I can live a very long time without a kitchen backsplash, for example.





or with that splatter on the wall behind those plants up above.


Hey, I get it, you couldn't live with it, but I sure can!  For now.


I love how flattering the above photo is because this is how it really looks... What do you think about the black exhaust venting above the cabinets?? It looks smaller than it really is because black is so slimming.


Or did you notice the back of the kitchen island!? 2 x 4 stud wall, no electrical and the cleverly concealed dishwasher rear. I should put a Waldo figurine right in there to see how many people notice... 



The lines of paint above the chair?  Yep, trying to decide on a color.  You'll see that tribal pattern in every room.  Extra points if you can tell me how many walls have been tattooed while I make up my mind! 



Heading on to the bathroom:


The bathroom has the worst natural light so please forgive the terrible photo editing... Photo editors are not magic, people.  You can't polish a turd.


Back to the bathroom...
I can also live a long time without finishing the tiling… or actually painting the wall, hence the green sheetrock below the mirror!


I've also been told there's not enough photos of me, so here you go!


I took these photos earlier today and then ran errands.  While I was out and about, I found this perfect little plant to give my lady vase (on the bathroom shelves) some hair.  I just love her new curls! You can see above that she was sporting a bit of a flat top.  This does her beauty much more justice.




On to the south room, or as I like to say, the future foyer.  This room is the most confused with the least amount of attention.  For now it’ll stay partly done and you know what? I do not care.



What I do care about? The light.  Man, do I love the light in this room!  I'm thinking of making it into a greenhouse instead... Conservatory, perhaps?!





Can't you see it?!


Neither can Ben.  But.  I. CAN.


The living room is up next.


And I actually don't have a picture of the overall room.  Maybe next post! 

BUT I do have all these little corners and vignettes (please ignore the plaster vs primer vs previous paint.  I got tired. What can I say?  Balance, people):



And then the cat posed and I just couldn't resist....


He is a royal cat if I ever saw one.


And the ever jealous dachshund just couldn't take it anymore...



I died just a little bit when this happened.  Cuteness overload. I almost posted this pic twice because I just don't care but then I remembered this is an apology letter to you, not a Chili-dog Fan Club blog.  (But just to make sure, if I started one, would you follow it?!)



In continuation of my apology for 100 days of silence, here's some random photos I thought you might like.  I'm mostly talking to you, Jan. :)



Boo Kitty discovered the fridge today.  An outdoor cat learning indoor tricks.  It's also possible he's realized I've decided his New Year's resolution is to lose a pound or two and he's not having it...



I took this pic this morning for a friend.  I was telling her that even though the outdoor cats are now inside, there's no litter box because they ask us to let them go outside to do their thing.  Here's proof.


(also, notice the Great Gap at the door, I had a rant about it but then erased it.  I've changed my mind and I'm adding the rant back in because there's photo evidence:


The mudroom/ laundry room is our current entry into the house.  We added HVAC but have not re-insulated or replaced the windows/doors into that area.  I really love how that room is a full 10 (or 30) degrees cooler than the kitchen and when you walk by the door, you can feel a breeze coming through, letting you know that Old Man Winter has arrived. I love heating the outdoors. 

Money.  Well.  Spent.)


Rant over.  Someday there will be a post titled "things we should have done differently". 

This will be item #1.



Moving on!!.....

Our holiday cards have not even been ordered yet, so until that time comes (if it comes), please enjoy this wonderfully lucky shot of our "family" while opening Christmas gifts.


Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

Resolving to blog more than once every 100 days... (actually my resolution is much more than that but if I tell you and I fail, welp, that's a step in humility and/or accountability I'm not yet ready for).


Much love,

Sarah, Ben, Chili-dog, and HoneyBee.

The Anthonys



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