Update: The month of August in one post.

September 8, 2017


I read somewhere… on a better blog than mine… that a good blog has a new post every 3 days.  To that all I can say is I must have the most bored readers or the most loyal followers!  I will tell myself it is the latter and that summarizing August with our top five highlights will more than delight your senses.  Don’t be fooled, I’ve thought about stretching these five highlights into my next 15 days of posts, but alas, that seems like a lot of strategy to put into place.  



1.  Farmer Ben has been hard at work!


Did I tell you that in addition to the six layer hens, we now have a rooster for them? He is very protective and immediately knows if one of them starts to stray or is missing.  It's kind of amazing that he's doing just what God created him to do and he's so good at it! 



Did I also tell you that we, actually, Ben, started an 'exotic' flock with silkies, bantums, golden lace tip somethings and other types of chicks?? 




To house them all, our cute little chicken coop got a major remodel (a faster one than I'm getting!) And the chicken coop/ storage shed where the previous cat lived has become a new shrine to all things chicken.  Ben tore down the 'ceiling' of tar paper and hay insulation, added rafters (not pictured) and put up chicken wire with maybe 40,000 zip ties and ta-da!





And a note for those who have visited (and for Jan) :), the doggy door on the left is right where Dora used to sleep.  



And on top of all that, he reconstructed one of the pens to become a pig pen.  And what pig pen isn’t complete without.. you guessed it… pigs! 



 I'm not a huge pig lover so I'll leave you with the picture.


2. Tomatoes and Peppers for days!

When you plant 60 tomato plants and who knows how many peppers, you have a general understanding that you WILL be harvesting many, many tomatoes and peppers. 


 You do NOT know that the harvesting will involve heavy equipment.


Exact conversation in May:

Me: You know, each plant will have 10 or 15 tomatoes, right?

Ben: Perfect!


Exact conversation last week:

Ben: You told me 15 tomatoes per plant…. It’s more like 50!!

Me:  How was I to know you were an amazing gardener?!






Good news:  Ben has sold some of his harvest to local grocers. 

Bad news: They only wanted half of his truck load!


Good news:  Ben and I now know how to can.

Bad news: Ben and I now know how to can.




I’m about done canning… only because I’ve run out of room.  NOT because I’ve perfected the most amazing canned salsa recipe.  THAT goal may have to wait another summer… until then it’ll be a long winter with subpar chips and dip.



3. New puppy

Her name is Honey.  She’s a Bernedoodle- half Bernese Mountain Dog and half Poodle. She’s amazing.  And she’s going to be huge. And she’s fully daddy's girl. 



I was not in favor of getting her... but she is sneakily winning my heart over...




Chili, the mini dachshund, is IN LOVE.  And that makes me love her even more.







4. Tile floors.

Yep, I’m a tiler.




You may drool.



The bathroom floor was finished in July, I think, but who cares!? Ain't she pretty?!



5. All the sinkless ladies!


I’ve been holding onto that blog title all summer.  Only to have it lost in this mega-post.


I have been a sinkless lady. 


Washing dishes in the hydrant.





And then the bathtub.


Then the tiny bathroom sink…. Which really meant I was still washing in the bathtub.


(too tiny to see clearly in a picture... you'll have to use your imagination)


 And now I get to washes dishes in this beautiful lady!

It's an amazing feeling, hearing all that water and suds swhooshing around while I sit in the living room, eating tea and crumpets, and listen to all the magic that is happening while my hands are dry.  D R Y.  


And YES, I realize that I have basically not actually shown you the kitchen sink but that's because it's too beautiful for the internet.  I'm afraid she might break it (the internet, that is).  But trust me, she's amazing.  


Also, If I show you, I'll lose all the suspense and build up to the kitchen reveal... And you will not want to miss that.  The kitchen is almost done and I'm in love.


Until then, I'll be tiling my heart out for days with the bathroom.  But as a friend and coworker said recently, all that tile is like jewelry!  It's really quite stunning :)  Next post! In 3 days... or 30 ;)


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