Total eclipse of my blog

August 22, 2017

Aka... clearly the reason I would suffer a three week silence is in anticipation of the historic coast to coast eclipse witnessed earlier today. 



I love this photo. It totally looks like I shlekked 3 hours south to view this natural phenomenon... I didn't. 


Instead: I made fun of people who did. (And then stole their pictures... phot cred: McKenzie Lambert)


Instead, this was on my Snapchat:


Photo Cred: Chelsea Ienarella- Servantez


And because I'm unoriginal, I had to take my own...


Yep. The exact moment of the eclipse, 1:07p, that's what I saw. 


A co worker of mine saw this:


Which is --obviously-- incredible!!! I mean, two suns! But he is a liar.   Obviously trying to make this look bad:



Which is crazy because if you know Dave Poyzer, his company, Canoe There,or any of his work, you would know it takes much more than double suns in an alternate universe to make him look bad. I mean, come on, Dave. THAT is amazing. THAT is the reason I didn't even try to go see it. Your picture wins.


I did get blessed today with this though:

Double rainbow!

And ... get this... it happened twice. 


So, double double rainbow! Unfortunately no pic the second time around as I was driving. Disregard that I was in the middle of the road for this picture though.... safety first people. 


Now I have to tell my friends I used all their pics...

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July 1, 2017

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