Moving Day: Living in a construction zone

July 30, 2017


When I say moving day, I'm sure you're very excited to see pics of a finished house with lots of boxes and a happy family moving in.  The only part that is true of our moving day is the happy family.  We were ready to be living in the house!  The house, however, wasn't so ready for us...  But that didn't stop us.


We've lived here for a month now and already things have progressed considerably. More on that to come.  For now, while these aren't exactly 'before' pics, it proves that the 'before' house would have been far less work than moving into a construction zone!  



This is what the kitchen looked like the morning we moved in.  


To summarize: No sink, no stove, no microwave, no plumbing.  Refrigerator moved in that same day.  We definitely moved into a live construction zone.

The pictures says it all:  all a couple needs is a chop saw in their kitchen and they're set! This photo is our first meal in the house (contrary to what you're thinking, this is not an ad for how glamorous life can be with Fritos and Coors light...).  After we prayed for the meal, Ben looked at me and said "This is the best.  I am so happy."  I am very thankful that we are content and able to see God's blessing and provision in the midst of paper plates, chop saws and a cat trying to steal our food behind our backs!



Moving on... Bathroom and Mud Room (aka current entryway)


Alternate title: No plumbing, No problem! 


Many couples might choose to wait until plumbing was installed before they moved in, but not us. Now, to be fair, the outside shop had plumbing: tub, toilet, sink, washing machine.  So we were not without.  At the same time, Ben is an eagle scout and I have lived in the jungle more than a time or two.  So no plumbing really wasn't a big deal to us... for the first week!








 Living room, Dining Room:


 Above is the view from the kitchen into the living room and dining room (new doorway knocked out).

 These two rooms became staging areas and 'drop off zones' for boxes and furniture.

 The South room became our construction material and equipment zone.  


Master Bedroom:


 New Carpet remnant, rug arrival and new beds delivered prior to move in.  Essential oil diffuser to make it feel more like home. We made the Master our retreat and the only 'finished' area of the house.  And when the end of moving day came, we laid in bed, feet sore, body's aching, so glad to finally be home!



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