Farmer Ben: Landscape Architect & Animal Husbandry Extraordinaire. Part 1.

July 3, 2017

We've owned the house for less than 90 days and Ben has radically transformed and worked on the outside of this property. For those who think that Ben's new title is a bit over the top, consider this:


A spring storm came through in April and knocked down a 100 year old, 90 foot tree.  Ben chain sawed, hipped, and mulched every part of that tree.  He wasted nothing!



 It is deceptively "small" looking in the pictures and when you're looking 'up' at the leaves in the air.  However, when you come and stand beside it, this was a big, big boy. Took a few weeks to clear.



Once it was out, Ben cleaned up the rest of this tree line and mulched the entire area from mulch he 'mulched' himself from the downed tree. Which only raises the question: How much mulch can a husband mulch if your husband could mulch wood? Answer: ALOT.  And for the record, this is not 'mulch ado about nothing'.




I am not great at mulching but I'm very good at mulch jokes.


Remaining wood became campfire wood:


And if not campfire wood, it just went straight to the burn pile.  As well as pallets and other items clouding up the treeline.




- Nearly every tree on our property has been pruned or trimmed in the past 90 days. That's basically a tree a day...


And do you see all those dandelions?  They're not there now!  Weed preventer, insecticide, fertilizer.  We can't take all the credit, however, as Ben's dad has helped us on multiple occasions.  Like Father, Like Son! And now.... We have the best looking yard in the county. 


And that was just April.


May was 'floors' month, so unfortunately Ben was wrapped up inside the house more than the outside.  That doesn't mean nothing was accomplished though! More fertilizer, pond care and maintenance.


But June is where Ben's hard work truly shines.


Started out with a stunning strawberry harvest.  Ben was out in the garden for hours weeding and collecting gallons of strawberries.  Only a small harvest is pictured here. 




Ben also planted a garden. But what is the right word when 'garden' refers to the half acre of land where 80 tomato plants and 20 various degrees of hot pepper plants reside??  Each one planted in a 4 foot grid, mulched with straw and watered by hand daily.  This guy.  Seriously!  As my Dutch, garden-loving, green thumb grandmother exclaimed "If I didn't approve before, I sure do now!" LOL I agree. :)  The garden is a sight to see!





I asked Ben's mom if she knew that 'Farmer Ben' lived inside my husband.  She laughed and told me stories about how he raised tomatoes on balconies when he was renting apartments.  Apparently I was the only one surprised to meet Farmer Ben!  



 And then, of course, there's this guy! #FarmDog. HA!




But that's not all, Ben built me a tire swing! #Romance.  No seriously.  


 I don't know what it is about that swing but I love drinking coffee in our  'living room'  and watch it swing in the breeze.  Something about that feels so peaceful.


ps. Welcome to our living room:




Best room in the house!




Animal Husbandry portion of this Farmer Ben post coming soon in part 2! 





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July 1, 2017

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