"Wood" Floors!

July 1, 2017

I made a big stinking deal about the possibility of wood floors and when they finally got in, I fell silent... didn't even post a thing!  Shame on me.  My silence only indicated how glorious they truly are.  In heaven, the streets are lined with gold... and these floors.  


On a related note, right after these floors were installed, we celebrated my birthday, moved into the house!, planted gardens, became real life farmers with livestock, chased said animals around the county, and now here we are.  So.... you know, we've been busy :)


But enough excuses, without further ado, here is the North room the last time you saw it, and now with floors!


 I know what you're thinking, 'Oh, the walls are a different color,'  Or perhaps, 'ok, filter much?' but no, these pics were taken before and after install a few days apart.  One was taken in the morning and the other a little later in the day, but the dark floors really did change the room color and 'feel' that significantly! The photo below has less shadows and is a more 'true' image.  

Still though!  Good bye, insane assylum and hello, dining room!!!


What's truly incredible about these floors is that I don't think they would have been either one of our first choice.  Ben wanted floors with a very dramatic 'high/ low' grain pattern and I wanted something that looked like it could have been in this house for the past 100 years.  


Headed to some floor liquidators and fell in love with 'Natural Acacia'.  A good middle ground between Ben and I.  Then I checked out a hidden gem in Des Moines: Floors Direct.  They're awesome!  I like to call them Ikea for flooring.  We found the same Natural Acacia flooring available as a laminate and $2/ sq foot cheaper than the other guys!


Now I know, laminate is not for everyone.  But I had laminate in a previous house and it was awesome.  It was low maintenance, handled my nephews, the dogs, the snow, salt de-icer, anything we threw at it.  So to find the flooring I liked in the right color and price and it was a laminate?  Huge WIN!  Praise!  


So after such great results with the dining room, we (Ben & Co) kept on going.


 Up next living room:



- Prime the floor


- Uncover the registers in the corners (previously screwed shut to keep self leveler cement from sinking in)


- Pet cute doggy


- take a deep breath, accept and acknowledge that the 45 degree angle bay windows are at a 47 and 43 degree respectively, so this will be a pretty big headache (for Ben, less for me)...


 - apologize to husband that the walls are not "square"


- and finally, Thank him profusely for your new living room!!!!!!










 I know what you're thinking, you can't wait to come visit and sit on that floor!!!!


Good thing too, furniture's not yet unpacked :)

 Coffee pot is, though, so come and visit!


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July 1, 2017

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