A face only a mother could love... Before Pics

April 11, 2017

You know that quote about ugly babies?  "He had a face only a mother could love".  Well, that's what I say about my dachshund's nappy tail (because curly tails?? WEIRD. Only his mother could possibly find it cute)  AND that's what I say about my newest love: our 19th century farmhouse.  Because trust me... she's a little rough.


As you pull in the drive:

The entry into the house, technically the 'back door'... I like to call this the 'haunted house' pose.  Because what midwestern serial killer movie doesn't start with a scene overlooking a corn field and this shot?!:




Mudroom door on Left, Bathroom door on Right


Back door entry, Mudroom:


Future Dining Room:

Notice stained glass window!


Living Room, another stained glass beauty:



Stained Glass Front Window in Living Room, details:



 Narrow, Steep staircase with shag carpet...


And now upstairs.

At the top of the landing there's a large space, like a hallway but also like a room.  It has been nicknamed "Upstair's Parlour".  It's equivalent to a rec room in the basement in a 21st century house.... but smaller.  And shaggier carpet.



Future master bedroom:


 Small side bedroom/ Storage room:

 And two other rooms not pictured.  Basically more of the same. :)


But... oh, the details of the house!!!  Check out the baseboard woodwork:

 The doorknobs:

The back (secret) staircase.  That's right, two awkward, narrow staircases in this house!



And this Old Soul watching out for us:

What you can't see from the photos are the sloping, sagging floors and uneven transitions from room to room...  but trust me, they're there!


I end this post with another quote:

"Well, they knew what they were getting into when they bought it." - loving friend.

Ha! Of course we know! We walked on those floors!!

And more importantly, of course we DON'T know!!...... Just like all newly weds and new parents know exactly what they're getting into... right?!


And like newly weds and new parents, we are excited and we can't wait to find out what's in store!

Today is the first day we have full access to the house so naturally, I have high hopes of exposing all that this pretty lady has to offer. While we're still excited about it. Because no doubt when we dig deeper, there will be more than one surprise that we'll be less than excited about... but here we are,

E X C I T E D!! 


edit: it should be known... here I am... Excited!! My husband is less excited about the exposing, ripping, rebuilding.  But....... here we are :)


Photo credit: Morgan Thorsbakken

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